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Nov-2013Assessment of cholesterol-derived ionic copolymers as potential vectors for gene deliverySevimli, Sema; Sagnella, Sharon; Kavallaris, Maria; Bulmuş, Volga ; Davis, Thomas P.
Apr-2011Conjugation of siRNA with comb-type PEG enhances serum stability and gene silencing efficiencyGunasekaran, Karthikeyan; Nguyen, Thi H.; Maynard, Heather D.; Davis, Thomas P.; Bulmuş, Volga 
12-Dec-2011Dicer-labile PEG conjugates for siRNA deliveryKow, Siew Ching; Mccorroll, Joshua A.; Valade, David; Boyer, Cyrille; Dwarte, Tanya; Davis, Thomas P.; Kavallaris, Maria; Bulmuş, Volga 
2011Doxorubicin conjugated, crosslinked, PEGylated particles prepared via one-pot thiol-ene modification of a homopolymer scaffold: synthesis and in vitro evaluationWong, Lingjiun; Kavallaris, Maria; Bulmuş, Volga 
Sep-2017Effect of molecular architecture on cell interactions and stealth properties of PEGÖzer, İmran; Tomak, Aysel; Zareie, Hadi M.; Baran, Yusuf ; Bulmuş, Volga 
14-Jun-2016Effect of PEG grafting density and hydrodynamic volume on gold nanoparticle-cell interactions: an investigation on cell cycle, apoptosis, and DNA damageUz, Metin; Bulmuş, Volga ; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
2011Effects of surface functional groups on the aggregation stability of magnetite nanoparticles in biological media containing serumWiogo, Hilda T. R.; Lim, May; Bulmuş, Volga ; Amal, Rose
Jun-2018Efficient synthesis of cRGD functionalized polymers as building blocks of targeted drug delivery systemsThankappan, Hajeeth; Zelçak, Aykut; Taykoz, Damla; Bulmuş, Volga 
Feb-2015The endocytic pathway and therapeutic efficiency of doxorubicin conjugated cholesterol-derived polymersSevimli, Sema; Sagnella, Sharon; Macmillan, Alexander; Whan, Renee; Kavallaris, Maria; Bulmuş, Volga ; Davis, Thomas P.
Sep-2014Hydrophobically-associating cationic polymers as micro-bubble surface modifiers in dissolved air flotation for cyanobacteria cell separationYap, R.K.L.; Whittaker, M.; Diao, M.; Stuetz, R. M.; Jefferson, B.; Bulmuş, Volga ; Peirson, W. L.; Nguyen, A. V.; Henderson, R. K.
Mar-2012Insight into serum protein interactions with functionalized magnetic nanoparticles in biological mediaWiogo, Hilda T. R.; Lim, May; Bulmuş, Volga ; Gutie´rrez, Lucía; Woodward, Robert C.; Amal, Rose
Mar-2014A new proton sponge polymer synthesized by RAFT polymerization for intracellular delivery of biotherapeuticsKurtuluş, Işıl; Yılmaz, Gökhan; Üçüncü, Muhammed; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa ; Becer, C. Remzi; Bulmuş, Volga 
Jan-2014PH- and temperature-responsive amphiphilic diblock copolymers of 4-vinylpyridine and oligoethyleneglycol methacrylate synthesized by RAFT polymerizationTopuzogulları, Murat; Bulmuş, Volga ; Dalgakıran, Eray; Dinçer, Sevil
Oct-2013PH-labile sheddable block copolymers by RAFT polymerization: Synthesis and potential use as siRNA conjugatesHuang, Xin; Sevimli, Sema İlknur; Bulmuş, Volga 
Jul-2011RAFT polymerization mediated bioconjugation strategiesBulmuş, Volga 
2011RAFT-synthesis of cholesterol conjugated polymers as potential therapeutic carriersSevimli, Sema; İnci, Fatih; Bulmuş, Volga 
2011Stabilization of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in biological media by fetal bovine serum (FBS)Wiogo, Hilda T. R.; Lim, May; Bulmuş, Volga ; Yun, Jimmy; Amal, Rose
Jul-2011Synthesis of heterotelechelic polymers with affinity to glutathione-S-transferase and biotin-tagged proteins by RAFT polymerization and thiol-ene reactionsHuang, Xin; Boyer, Cyrille; Davis, Thomas P.; Bulmuş, Volga 
Aug-2012Synthesis, self-assembly and stimuli responsive properties of cholesterol conjugated polymersSevimli, Sema; Sagnella, Sharon; Kavallaris, Maria; Bulmuş, Volga ; Davis, Thomas P.
Oct-2012Well-defined cholesterol polymers with pH-controlled membrane switching activitySevimli, Sema; İnci, Fatih; Zareie, Hadi M.; Bulmuş, Volga