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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2011Catalytic performances of chemically immobilized urease under static and dynamic conditions: A comparative studyYürekli, Yılmaz; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
2012Characterization of polysulfone based hemodialysis membranes by afmUz, Metin; Yaşar Mahlıçlı, Filiz; Polat, Mehmet ; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Aug-2006Characterization of waterborne acrylic based paint films and measurement of their water vapor permeabilitiesTopçuoğlu, Özge; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Balköse, Devrim
May-2014Chitosan-polyoxometalate nanocomposites: Synthesis, characterization and application as antimicrobial agentsFiorani, Giulia; Saoncella, Omar; Kaner, P.; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Figoli, Alberto; Bonchio, Marcella; Carraro, Mauro
Aug-2007Controlled release of drugs from tablet coatingsAlsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Apr-2007Crystallization of poly(vinyl alcohol) during solvent removal: Infrared characterization and mathematical modelingWong, Sim-Siong; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Mallapragada, Surya K.
2019Development of a high-flux thin-film composite nanofiltration membrane with sub-nanometer selectivity using a pH and temperature-responsive pentablock co-polymerBar, Canbike; Çağlar, Nagahan; Uz, Metin; Mallapragada, Surya K.; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
1-Dec-2016Development of a novel strategy for controlled release of lysozyme from whey protein isolate based active food packaging filmsPekşen Özer, Bahar Başak; Uz, Metin; Oymacı, Pelin; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
2020Development of AgCl-TiO2 xerogels entrapped antibacterial polyacrylonitrile membranes: The effect of high salinity water on silver release, antibiofouling and antibacterial efficaciesUz, Metin; Yaşar Mahlıçlı, Filiz; Şeker, Erol ; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Feb-2010Development of antioxidant food packaging materials with controlled release propertiesGemili, Seyhun; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet ; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Feb-2009Development of cellulose acetate based antimicrobial food packaging materials for controlled release of lysozymeGemili, Seyhun; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet ; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
2015Development of functional materials for sirna delivery and neural tissue engineeringUz, Metin; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Mallapragada, Surya K.
Mar-2019Development of high flux nanofiltration membranes through single bilayer polyethyleneimine/alginate depositionTekinalp, Önder; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Dec-2011Development of mono and multilayer antimicrobial food packaging materials for controlled release of potassium sorbateUz, Metin; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Jul-2004Drying of semicrystalline polymers: Mathematical modeling and experimental characterization of poly(vinyl alcohol) filmsWong, Sim-Siong; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Mallapragada, Surya K.
Dec-2010Effect of enzyme location on activity and stability of trypsin and urease immobilized on porous membranes by using layer-by-layer self-assembly of polyelectrolyteGuedidi, Sadika; Yürekli, Yılmaz; Deratani, André; Déjardin, Philippe; Innocent, Christophe; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Roudesli, Sadok; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet 
Apr-2018The effect of mass transfer resistance and nonuniform initial solvent concentration on permeation through polymer membranesZielinski, John M.; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
14-Jun-2016Effect of PEG grafting density and hydrodynamic volume on gold nanoparticle-cell interactions: an investigation on cell cycle, apoptosis, and DNA damageUz, Metin; Bulmuş, Volga ; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Oct-2009The effects of urease immobilization on the transport characteristics and protein adsorption capacity of cellulose acetate based hemodialysis membranesYaşar Mahlıçlı, Filiz; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Jan-2005Errors associated with swelling in the analysis of polymer-solvent diffusion measurementsAlsoy Altınkaya, Sacide