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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Ultra-porous interconnected hydrogel structures for tissue engineering applicationsYıldız, Büşra
Dec-2017Understanding cultural landscape characteristics: The case of Barbaros settlement, Urla-IzmirSarıbekiroğlu, Şeyma
Dec-2016Understanding gamification: Utilizing gamification as a tangible tool for organ donation campaignsAl-Samarei, Ali
Dec-2018Understanding Gölde (İncesu) with its tangible and intangible characteristicsEken, Esra
Dec-2019Understanding the biological role of sialidase NEU3 in Tay-Sachs disease mouse modelAkyıldız Demir, Seçil
2012Understanding the relationship among sustainability, industrial design and service system design: co-design in Aalborg to access local foodDilek, Özgün
Jul-2023Understanding user experience of nature in urban green spaces through biophilic design: The case of KarşıyakaÜstündağ, Büşra
2005Uneven development and declining inner city residential areas: The case of Izmir-Tuzcu Districtİnce Kompil, Esin
2007Uniformly convergent approximation on special meshesBingöl, Özgür
2014University campuses as places of potential publicness: Exploring the politicals, socialand cultural practices in Ege UniversityYaylalı Yıldız, Berna
2012Unlimited-wokspace teleoperationŞahin, Osman Nuri 
2013Urban change dynamics: Izmir case, 1927-2010Oğuz, Saygın Can
2009Urban decline and low demand housing case study: Damlacık (Izmir) DistrictGünday, Emre
1999Urban design for disabled peopleGökçen, Tankut
2013Urban design toolkit for creative place-making and cultural tourism: The case of Alaçatıİnce, İrem
Jun-2020Urban policies and critical analysis of urban transformation in Izmir: Yeşildere caseEce Kaya, Birsu
2007Urban regeneration policy impacts on the future of city-a comparative study in European and the Turkish contextBinay, Recep Anıl
Dec-2018Urban tomography and digital humanities in visual tradition of urban designYılmaz, Almira
25-Oct-2018Urban transformation in Izmir/Bayraklı districtTürkmen Çelebi, Burcu
Jul-2019Urban transformation in Turkey within historical and legal framework: A comprehensive evaulation in IzmirErdem, Ezgi Gül