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Apr-2022P/key: PUF based second factor authenticationUysal, Ertan 
2011Palladium catalyzed alkoxycarbonylation reactions of 2-en-4-yne carbonatesAkpınar, Gürkan Eray
Jul-2018Palladium catalyzed cross coupling reactions of alkenyl epoxides and organoboronic acid estersEren, Ahmet
2011Palladium catalyzed reactions of 2-EN-4-YNE carbonates with organoboronic acidsÜçüncü, Muhammed
2013Palladium-catalyzed alkoxycarbonylation reactions of (E)-2-en-4-yne carbonatesKaragöz, Ezgi Şule
Jul-2018Palladium-catalyzed stereo-selective 1.2-addition reactions of ?,?-epoxy-?,ß-unsaturated esters with organoboronsBilgi, Yasemin
2014Parallelization of a novel frequent itemset hiding algorithm on a CPU-GPU platformHeye, Samuel Bacha
2008Parameter estimation for linear dynamical systems with applications to experimental modal analysisTanyer, İlker
Jul-2022Parametric flow simulation for early design phase: Case study of an urban regeneration area in IzmirÖner, Efe
2009Partial purification and characterization of polyhenol oxidase from thermophilic Bacillus sp.Güray, Melda Zeynep
Jun-2019Participatory design improving the quality of life in inpatient children with cancerÖrnekoğlu Selçuk, Melis 
Mar-2022Participatory design process in post-disaster housing production: The case of October 30, 2020 İzmir EarthquakeÇelik, Saniye Dilara
2014Participatory planning support system for assessment of spatial conflicts in Izmir PeninsulaYazdani, Hamidreza
2008Partieal purification and characterization of lipase enzyme from a Pseudomonas strainYapaşan, Ece
2003Passive solar desing strategies for buildings: A case study on improvement of an existing residential building's thermal performance by passive solar design toolsBilgiç, Serkan
2008Path generation analysis of flexible manipulatorsBingöl, Hakan
2000The peculiarities of light as a quality in architectureKutlu, H. Gökhan
2002Pedestrian crosswalks integration with pedestrian sitesAkman, Eylem
Dec-2016PEG-peptide drug carrier systems with enzymatic degradation unitsYüksel, Nesligül
Jul-2018The penetration behavior of repeated hemisphere core sandwich structures: An experimental and numerical studyTuran, Ali Kıvanç