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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The Hagia Sophia in its urban context: An interpretation of the transformations of an architectural monument with its changing physical and cultural environmentTaraz, Nazlı 
2012Heat and fluid flow analysis in a channel partially filled with permeable isotropic porous layerUçar, Eren
Jan-2023Heat and mass transfer characteristics of adsorbents in heat pump and refrigeratorGündoğan, Şefika Çağla
Dec-2017The heating system of Turkish bathÇelikyürek, Cansu
Jun-2019HEC HMS hydrological model application using SCS Curve Number and Soil Moisture Accounting: Case study of Alaşehir BasinAkdeğirmen, Özgün
Jul-2019Hedonic price modelling in Turkish real estate markets: The case of Bayraklı, IzmirAkçay, Nilay
2010Heterotrophic bio-oil production from microalgaeÇağlar, Emre
2004Heuristic approaches to scheduling problems in a flexible job shop environmentİliş, Emin Özge
2003Heuristic container placement algorithmsAslan, Burak Galip 
Mar-2022Hierarchical image classification with self-supervised vision transformer featuresKaragüler, Caner
Jul-2016The Higgs boson and right-handed neutrinos in supersymmetric modelsÖzdal, Özer
2010Higgs bosons of gauge-extended supersymmetry at the LHCSert, Hale
2008The higgs sector of the MSSM with general soft breaking termsSabancı, Aslı
2008High temperature superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-x transitation edge bolometers (TEBs) for infrared regionGünel, Hacı Yusuf
2006High temperature superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin flims and bolometersÖktem, Bülent
2007Higher curvature gravity in large extra dimension: phenomenological implicationsTanyıldızı, Şükrü Hanif
2009Higher order symplectic methods based on modified vector fieldesDemir, Duygu
2010Higher order symplectic methods for separable Hamiltonian equations master of scienceGündüz, Hakan
2007A historical analysis on the effects of experimental photography in industrial product advertising: Bauhaus SchoolKabukçu, Evrim
Jul-2019Historical development of Göztepe district in Izmir and preservation problems of its monumentsDüzcan, İpek