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2002A CAD-based modeling for dynamic visualization of urban environments in piecemeal (incremental) growthAlper, Sabri
2013Calculations of electric and magnetic properties of triangular graphene fragments using density functional theory: Effects of edge functionalization and electric fieldİyikanat, Fadıl
Jul-2019Call center as an epitome of communicative capitalism: Participatory Design as an empowering toolKaya, Rabia Gülbike
2011Campus network topology discovery and distributed firewall policy generationÇalışkan, Ezgi
2006CaP coating of porous sintered Ti6Al4V powder compacts using biomimetic and sol-gel methodsAltındiş, Mustafa
2005Capacitance-voltage spectroscopy in metal-tantalum pentoxide (Ta-O)-silicon mos capacitorsÖzdağ, Pınar
Jul-2019Carbon dioxide hydrogenation on alumina supported ruthenium catalystsHamza, Gökmen Oğuzcan
2005A case study of material testing for corrosion in low temperature geothermal systemsİnce, Umut
2005A case study on logging visual activities: Chess gameOzan, Şükrü
Dec-2018A case study on settlement analysis of geothermal power plant foundationElmas, Hakan
Jul-2019A cash flow at risk (CFaR) model for managing payment delays in construction projectsDemirkapı, Hande Betül
2011Catalytic combustion of methanol on structured catalysts for direct methanol fuel cellDönmez, Emel
Jun-2020Catalytic conversion of glucose to alkyl glucosidesMutlu, Vahide Nuran
Jul-2015Catalytic methanol combustionDemirkaya, Emre
2014Catalytic oxidation of volatile compounds generated during frying process using sunflower oilAytaç, Arda
Jun-2023Catalytic pyrolysis of virgin and waste polyolefinsÇalık, Fatma Defne
Jul-2016Catalytic surface coatings for household ovensİzer, Alaz
Jun-2016Categorization of manual lighting control behavior patterns based on interior layout in officesCılasun Kunduracı, Arzu
2004Categorization of web sites in Turkey with SVMŞimşek, Kadir
2001Cation exchange (Ag+, Zn2+, Cu2+) behavior of natural zeolitesTop, Ayben