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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2002B and Se transport modeling in saturated/unsaturated zonesYüreklitürk, O. Emin
2008B-galactosidase of kluyveromyces lactis: Immobilization, characterization and hydrolysis behavior of enzymeÇabuk, Burcu
Dec-2021B92 based quantum key distribution with faint pulsed laserMutlu, Görkem
2007Basic key exchange protocols for secret key cryptosystems under CRYMPIX libraryUslu, Sevgi
2005A basic web-based distance education modelTuranlı, Dehan
Dec-2018BaTiO3 based ferroelectric materials for electrocaloric cooling applicationsŞanlı, Keriman
Dec-2019Beam selection techniques in millimeter wave communicationsCumalı, İrem
2013Behavior of reinforced concrete slabs subjeted to impact loadsBatarlar, Baturay 
2005A benefit/cost analysis for the seismic rehabilitation on existing reinforced concrete buildings in IzmirBoylu, Mert
2008Between deconstructivist architecture and hyper-historicism: Daniel Libeskind and Turkish architectsMaden, Feray
Jul-2019A bibliometric analysis of critical construction management studiesDeniz, Berna Derya
Dec-2021Bilayer chitosan/zein based nanofibers for antimicrobial wound dressing applicationİskeçman, Nilsu
Jun-2016BIM execution process of construction companies for building projectsGerçek, Bilge
2011Bio-inspired design of a kinetic node for adaptable structuresAcar, Melodi Simay
Apr-2017Bioactive compound retention and shelf life extension of strawberry juice by selected nonthermal processing technologiesYıldız, Semanur
2013Biocatalytic performance of carbonic anhydrase immobilized within polyurethane foam in water-miscible organic solventsAyaz, İlyas Umur
May-2023Biochemical and functional characterization of circular RNAs differentially expressed in cisplatin-treated HeLa cellsYaylak, Bilge
Dec-2019Biochemical and mechanical cues for osteogenic induction of stem cells on paper based scaffoldsKaradaş, Özge
2006Biochemical and molecular characterization of extracellular enzyme producing Staphylococci isolated from different originsAppak, Sıla
2004Biocompatibility and microstructural characterization of PVD coated and nitrogen implanted Co-Cr alloyTürkan, Uğur