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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2022Devlopment of solid acid catalysts for cellulose acetate productionSönmeztürk, Begüm
Dec-2020Diagnosis and recovery of hardware faults encountered during operation of mobile robotsŞahin, Osman Nuri 
Jul-2016Differences in the uses and needs of neighborhood parks: A case study about female park users in Balçova (Izmir, Turkey)Kaştaş Uzun, İpek
2002Differential and coherent detection schemes for space-time block codesOruç, Özgür
Jul-2017Differentiation of filamentous fungi by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopyGüngör, Sinem
2011Differentiation of human naive CD4+T cells into Th17 cell phenotypeAkıncılar, Semih Can
2004Diffusion and equilibrium measurements in polymer-solvent systems by inverse gas chromatography methodEser, Hülya
Jul-2019Digital font generation using long short-term memory networksTemizkan, Onur
Jun-2019Dimension dependent optoelectronic properties of cesium lead halide perovskitesÖzcan, Mehmet
Dec-2021Dimethyl ether production from methanol over silica-alumina catalystsTarancı, Ecem 
Nov-2022Direct and interior inverse generalized impedance problems for the modified Helmholtz equationÖzdemir, Gazi
Jul-2014A direct approach for object detection with omnidirectional camerasÇınaroğlu, İbrahim
Mar-2023Direct of determination of surface proteins of Leishmania parasite by proteomic approachAkıllı, Ayşe Necla
Dec-2019Directed evolution of a cytochrome P450 enzyme to increase peroxidation activityBaşlar, Muhammet Semih
Dec-2017The Dirichlet problem for the fractional LaplacianAlkın, Aykut
Dec-2018Discourse analysis of city museums in Turkey since 2000Şenel Fidangenç, Ayşe Nur
Dec-2019Discourse of publicness in the discussions of art museums since the 1990sKılıç, Pınar
Oct-2021Discovering specific semantic relations among words using neural network methodsSezerer, Erhan 
Dec-2021Discovery of biological pathways that have a role in the etiopathogenesis of macular degeneration by genetic investigationsKarayanık, Gizem 
Jul-2014Discrete element modelling of CPT using shaking table tests in sandsBakunowicz, Paulina