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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2018The effect of material strain rate sensitivity on the shock deformation of an aluminum corrugated coreCanbaz, İlker
Jul-2019The effect of metal doping on TiO2 for photocatalytic applicationsAlduran, Yeşim
2009The effect of microwaves on ion exchange in zeolitesAkdeniz, Yelda
Jul-2019Effect of natural wall materials on energy consumption in Continental and Mediterranean climatesYöney, Ekin Gamze
2012Effect of organo-modified clay addition on properties of polyhydroxy buttrate homo and copolymers nanocomposite filmsAkın, Okan
Dec-2021Effect of random structural variations on the optical properties of honeycomb photonic crystalsTunçtürk, Yiğit 
2006Effect of reaction conditions and organic additives on the morphologies of synthetic calcium carbonatesAltay, Esra
Jul-2022The effect of restoration interventions on the indoor climate of historic buildings: Case study of Tire Necip Paşa Library, İzmir, TurkeyÇağırgan, Umut
2009Effect of storage time on olive oil qualityYıldırım, Gaye
Jul-2022The effect of strain rate on the deformation behavior of additively manufactured short carbon fiber reinforced polyamide compositesZeybek, Mehmet Kaan
Jul-2018The effect of strain rate on the dynamic mechanical behaviour of concreteUysal, Çetin Erkam
Jun-2020Effect of sulfur on the elementary reactions of fischer-tropsch synthesis on cobalt surfacesDağa, Yağmur
2008The effect of surface modification of biomaterials on the cellular interactionsÖzgür, Melek
Jul-2017The effect of T-shaped fin geometries on heat transfer rate enhancementÇetin, Eylem
2006Effect of the morphology of aspergillus sojae on pectinase enzyme and the optimization of fermentation conditionsGöğüş, Nihan
2011Effect of urban geometry on pedestrian level wind velocityÇelik, Çelen Ayşe
Jul-2019Effectiveness in space and energy utilization in HVAC system selectionElbiz, Gizem
Dec-2021Effectiveness of retail lighting in terms of user satisfaction and light qualityKetencioğlu, Duhan
Jul-2006The effectiveness of Turkish Coastal Legislation in ensuring the protection-utilization balanceCeylan, Eda Çaçtaş
Jul-2019Effectiveness of using clustering for test case prioritizationGünel, Can