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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Diffusion and equilibrium measurements in polymer-solvent systems by inverse gas chromatography methodEser, Hülya
Jul-2019Digital font generation using long short-term memory networksTemizkan, Onur
Jun-2019Dimension dependent optoelectronic properties of cesium lead halide perovskitesÖzcan, Mehmet
Dec-2021Dimethyl ether production from methanol over silica-alumina catalystsTarancı, Ecem 
Nov-2022Direct and interior inverse generalized impedance problems for the modified Helmholtz equationÖzdemir, Gazi
Jul-2014A direct approach for object detection with omnidirectional camerasÇınaroğlu, İbrahim
Mar-2023Direct of determination of surface proteins of Leishmania parasite by proteomic approachAkıllı, Ayşe Necla
Dec-2019Directed evolution of a cytochrome P450 enzyme to increase peroxidation activityBaşlar, Muhammet Semih
Dec-2017The Dirichlet problem for the fractional LaplacianAlkın, Aykut
Dec-2018Discourse analysis of city museums in Turkey since 2000Şenel Fidangenç, Ayşe Nur
Dec-2019Discourse of publicness in the discussions of art museums since the 1990sKılıç, Pınar
Oct-2021Discovering specific semantic relations among words using neural network methodsSezerer, Erhan 
Dec-2021Discovery of biological pathways that have a role in the etiopathogenesis of macular degeneration by genetic investigationsKarayanık, Gizem 
Jul-2014Discrete element modelling of CPT using shaking table tests in sandsBakunowicz, Paulina
Jul-2018Discrete fractional integral operators and their relations to number theorySert, Ezgi
2007Disinfection of liqued egg products by using UV lightAtılgan, Mehmet Reşat
2011Disinfection of white grape juice by using continuous flow uv reactorKaya, Zehra
Jul-2019Disorder induced electronic and magnetic properties of graphene quantum dotsKul, Erdoğan Kul
Oct-2015Displacement analysis of non-circular planar curved beams under in-plane impulsive loadÇelik, Ahmet
Jul-2019Distance estimation in tabletop molecular communicationUzun, Emrehan