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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Deposition of Cu-BTC on pulp and textile fibers for sensor applicationGüner, Cemal
Jul-2019Derivation of century-based wave climate and extreme wave analysis along Turkish coastsTurgut, Ahmet Rıza
Dec-2015Design activism in industrial design: A critical analysis of the main scolary discourseÇetin, Özgür Deniz
2011Design and calibration of a TEM stripline for electromagnetic compatibility testingHilavin, Sezgin
Dec-2012Design and characterization of shell structure of microbubbles used in ultrasound imagingBölükçü, Elif Şeniz
Jul-2017Design and construction of portable localized surface plasmon resonance device for detection of biological moleculesGül, Aytaç
Dec-2018Design and development of a continuously variable transmission system to be used in human-robot interfacesMobedi, Emir
2005The design and development of a data warehouse using sales database and requirements of a retail groupGüratan, Işıl
Oct-2019Design and education: A descriptive study on two exercises of the introduction to design course at IZTECH Faculty of Architectureİcil, Baldan
Jul-2019Design and experimental evaluation of a dynamically balanced over-constrained planar 6R parallel manipulatorÖzkahya, Merve
Jul-2014Design and fabrication of a fiber-integrated mode-selective photopolymer grating couplerSümer, Can
2014Design and fabrication of microfluidic device that allows investigation of distance dependent interactions of two different cell typesSağlam, Murat
Jul-2022Design and implementation of a domain specific language for event sequence graphsKalecik, Mert
2004Design and management of brand identity with an action research in Turkish fashion industrySencer, Göze
2008Design and manufacturing of a fireproof fire rescue robotTok, Özge
Jul-2019Design and measurements of microwave cavity and coupler for a klystron test standÇağlar, Aslıhan
Jul-2018Design and mechanical behaviour of brazed plate heat exchangersGürler, Yiğit
Jul-2019Design and numerical analyses of guide vanes of a multistage submersible pumpDemirtaş, Mert
2004Design and optimization of a zero energy buildingGediz, Gamze
Jul-2021Design and optimization of shaft bracket of drum brake for heavy duty vehicleÇetin, Mert