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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2016Coupling reactions of enyne oxiranes with Grignard reagentsAytaç, İsmet Arınç
2011Cr (VI) removal with natural, surfactant modified and bacteria loaded zeolitesCansever Erdoğan, Beyhan
Jul-2017Craft in contemporary design culture in Turkey: Silversmithing in Grand BazaarTarcan, Berilsu
1999Craniofacial computer assisted surgical planning and simulationEkin, Emine
2009Criteria for a "good" urban renewal project: The case of Kadifekale Urban Renewal Project (Izmir, Turkey)Mutlu, Elif
2005A critial evaluation on the concept of justice in planning process-judicial oversight: The Balçova and Narlıdere casesŞenol, Pervin
Jul-2020A critical analysis of project cost estimation models in construction management literatureÖzkan, Selen
2005A critical analysis of the role of women designers in the progress of industrial product design in Turkey since the 80SEti, Melek
2005A critical approach on "synergetic geometry" of Buckminster FullerDündar, Ali
2003A critical evaluation of space requirements of existing industrial estates in IzmirTürk, Ersin
Nov-2019Critical review of city branding: Case study of Hacı Memiş District (Alaçatı, Turkey)Erdoğan, Cansu
Jun-2015A critical review of literature on space and cinemaSever, Müge
2003A critical view of sustainable architecture in Turkey: a proposal for the municipality of SeyrekDurmuş Arsan, Zeynep 
2000A critical view of Turkish architectural thought and architectural practices in the tourism after 1980Uzunoğlu, Erdal
2007Critique of legislation by scientific-technical criteria: toward classification of cultural properties in TurkeyMarmasan, Önder
2005Crushing behaviour of aluminum foam-filled composite tubesYüksel, Sinan
2000Cultural and local diversities in contemporary architecture:an evaluation on the regionalist trends in 20th century Turkish architectureÇaylan, Didem
Dec-2017Current conservation state of some Art Nouveau houses and apartment buildings in IstanbulTürkarslan, Gizem
1999Cyberspace, as a generator concept for the futureKan, Gözde
Dec-2017CYR61-notch interaction during epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition, migration and invasion in breast cancer cellsİlhan, Mustafa