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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Advertising media and housing production: Gated communities of İstanbul in the post-2000sKan Ülkü, Gözde
2012AEG and Peter Behrens: Symbolism in the first corporate identity designBoztepe, Uygar
Jul-2016Aerodynamic optimization of a transonic aero-engine fan moduleKor, Orçun
Jul-2016Affine dynamics with torsionGültekin, Kemal 
2011Against style: Re-reading "new architecture" in early republican period in Turkey (1931-1940)Dündar, Bilgen
Dec-2019Age-friendly' neighbourhood parks: Evaluating parks in Karşıyaka (Izmir) according to user perceptionsImıl, Ahmet Said
Jul-2016Agro Food System transitions? Exploring alternative Agro Food Initiatives in Izmir, TurkeyKarakaya, Emel
2004Air leakage detection in various cross sectioned air ducts and research on manufacturing methods for airtightnessAydın, Çiğdem
2004Air monitoring of polychlorinated bibhenyls in ambient air of suburban area in Izmir, TurkeyBozacıoğlu, Sevde Seza
2010Air pollution effects on the façade of the botter apartment in İstanbulParlak, Birsen
Jul-2019Airfoil boundary-layer stability calculations and transition predictionPekdüz, Umut
2007Alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase gene polymorphism in Turkish alcohololic people and control groupSalman, Esin
Jun-2019Algebraic methods and exact solutions of quantum parametric oscillatorsÇetindaş, Osman
2005All optical switching via diffraction grating formed by interference of Gaussian beamsAkın, Osman
Jul-2017Almost local-global ringsSusuzlu, İdem
2004An alternative approach to free space optical communication linkKaratay, Okan
Jul-2015Ambient air persistent organic pollutant monitoring, backtrajectory modeling, and health risk assessmentGüngörmüş, Elif
Sep-2003Anaerobic co-treatability of olive mill wastewaters and domestic wastewaterAtayol, Ahmet Avni
2004An analaytical approach to the urban outdoor lighting quality of residential areas in IzmirÇam, Rabia
2002An analiytical approach to semi-private and semi-public spaces within the context of urban housing patternÖzgen, Elif Yeşim