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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009The least proper class containing weak supplementDurğun, Yılmaz
Mar-2022Leisure spaces in working places of everyday life: examining spatial production in İzmir campusesÇelikbilek, Gökçe 
Jul-2018Length scale parameterization and stability analyses with different statistical methods in wind measurementsTuna, Faruk
2010Level based labeling scheme for extensible markup language (XML) data processingAtıcı, Beray
2007Life Ciycle Assessment (LCA) based home rating model for Izmir (HRM-Izmir)Bozkurt, Eray
2009Life cycle cost awareness among architects: The case of TurkeyKayaş, Ece
2012Life cycle environmetal impact assessment of a multi-storey residential building in IzmirAral, Duygu
2005Liquid phase hydrogenation of citral on zeolite supported monometallic (Ni,Pt) and bimetallic (ni-Sn, Pt-Sn) catalystsGüleç, Hilal
Dec-2017Localization of certain animal species in images via training neural networks with image patchesOrhan, Semih
Oct-2019Location aware multimedia content production using geotagged scenes in conjunction with maps and aerial imageryÇelik, Lütfi Sefa
Dec-2019Location choice of food industry in İzmirAkbaşoğulları, Nilnaz
Jul-2021Long range atmospheric transport of persistent organic pollutants to IzmirAyri, İlknur
Jul-2019Long-term protection efficiency of biodegradable polymer treatments on limestoneKaplan, Zişan
Jun-2018Low carbon neighborhood: Walking and cycling priority urban designGündel, Hande
2003Low temperature photoconductivity of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) thin flimsErdoğan, Gökhan
2006Lower-top and upper-bottom points for any formula in temporal logicBaysal, Onur
Jul-2019Macro-micro robotic manipulation: A laser cutting case studyUzunoğlu, Emre 
Jul-2017Macromolecular design of hydroxyl functional linear and star-shaped L-lactide and ?-caprolactone biodegradable polyesters utilizing biosafe catalysts for biomedical applicationsBaşalp, Dildare
2015Magnetic characterization of expanded austenite phase formed on nitrogen ion implanted 316 stainless steel alloyKarataş, Özgün
Jul-2019Magnetic effect in the biological functioning of hemoglobin: DFT+QMC approach within an effective multi-orbital Anderson impurity modelMayda Bacaksız, Selma