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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2018Kaleidoscope of quantum coherent states and units of quantum informationKoçak, Aygül
Jul-2017Keypoint detection and description on image curvesKöksal, Ali
Jul-2016Keypoint matching based on descriptor statisticsUzyıldırım, Furkan Eren
2003Kinematic and dynamic analysis of spatial six degree of freedom parallel structure manipulatorBayram, Çağdaş
Jul-2017Kinematic design and analysis of deployable vault and pseudo-dome structures based on origami techniquesKaraveli Kartal, Andree Sonad
Jul-2018Kinematic design of scissor linkagesKaragöz, Cevahir
2004Kinetic modelling of lactic acid production from wheyAltıok, Duygu
2007Kinetic morphological, and compositional characterization of the uptake of aqueous Ba2+, Mn2+, and Cd2+ ions by calcite and aragonite over a wide range of concentrationTunusoğlu, Özge
2009Kinetics of oil dispersion in the presence of chitosan based biopolymersŞen, Didem
Jul-2016Krull-Schmidt properties over rings of finite characterGürbüz, Ezgi
2000L(+)lactic acid production from whey by lactobacillus casei NRRL B-441Büyükkileci, Ali Oğuz 
2002L[+]-lactic acid purification from fermentation broth using ion exchange resinsPolat, Zelal
May-2019Lab-on-a-chip devices for drug screeningGökçe, Begüm
2009Laboratory study for determining geotechnical engineering properties of cement-treated and-untreared backfill soils used in high speed railway embankmentsUşun, Handan
2013Laboratory tests to study stability mechanism of rainfall infiltrated unsaturated fine-grained soil slopes developing into shallow landslides and their hydraulic propertiesŞahin, Yavuz
2005Lactic acid production by Lactobacillus casei NRRL B-441 immobilized in chitosan stabilized Ca-alginate beadsGündüz, Meltem
2004Land readjustment process in urban design: project management approachKonursay, Sadık Yılmaz
Jul-2020A language modeling approach to detect biasAtik, Ceren
Feb-2022Large scale testing of masonry walls under the effect of representative ground settlementsÖzdemir, Berkay
2010Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopic analysis of metal aerosols generated by pneumatic nebuliztion of aqueous solutionsAteş Arıca, Dilek