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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Derivation of input/output relationships for the Bennett 6R linkages based on the method of decompositionAlizade, Rasim ; Kiper, Gökhan ; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can ; Uzunoğlu, Emre 
2017Design and optimization of fiber compositesAydın, Levent; Artem, Hatice Seçil 
2019Design of a teleoperation scheme with a wearable master for minimally invasive surgeryAteş, Gizem ; Majani, Ronny ; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can 
2022Designing healthier cities. An empirical study of the ecosystem functioning and mortality in the districts of Turin (Italy)Salata, Stefano 
2016Differential expression of toxoplasma gondii microRNAs in murine and human hostsSaçar Demirci, Müşerref Duygu; Bağcı, Caner; Allmer, Jens 
2010E-planning applications in Turkish local governmentsVelibeyoğlu, Koray 
2016Electronic nose technology in food analysisKorel F. ; Balaban, Murat Ömer
2022Endogenous miRNA SpongesAlkan, A.H.; Akgül, B. 
2018Energetic and exergetic design evaluations of a building block based on a hybrid solar envelope methodMert, Yelda; Saygın, Nicel 
2016Epigenetics of breast cancer: DNA methylome and global histone modificationsMeşe, Gülistan ; Yalçın Özuysal, Özden 
2019Experimental evaluation of actuation and sensing capabilities of a haptic deviceMobedi, Emir; Görgülü, İbrahimcan ; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can 
2022Experimental MicroRNA Detection MethodsYaylak, B.; Akgül, B. 
2019An experimental test procedure for validation of stiffness model: A case study for R-CUBE parallel mechanismGörgülü, İbrahimcan ; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can ; Carbone, Giuseppe
Nov-2017Freestanding siliceneCahangirov, Seymur; Şahin, Hasan ; Le Lay, Guy; Rubio, Angel
27-Aug-2014Function generation synthesis with a 2-DoF overconstrained double-spherical 7R mechanism using the method of decomposition and least squares approximationKiper, Gökhan ; Bağdadioğlu, Barış 
20-May-2014Function synthesis of the planar 5R mechanism using least squares approximationKiper, Gökhan ; Bağdadioğlu, Barış; Bilgincan, Tunç 
2018Future applications of artificially-synthesized organic molecules containing transition-metal atomsMayda, Selma; Kandemir, Zafer; Bulut, Nejat 
Nov-2017Germanene, Stanene and other 2D materialsCahangirov, Seymur; Şahin, Hasan ; Le Lay, Guy; Rubio, Angel
2017Heterogeneous catalysis from the perspective of surface scienceCihanoğlu, Aydın; Hernan Quinones-Murillo, Diego; Payer, Gizem
2014Hybrid control of a 3-d structure by using semi-active dampersTuran, Gürsoy