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15-Apr-2022Adaptation measures for seawalls to withstand sea-level riseKısacık, Doğan ; Tarakçioğlu, Gülizar Özyurt; Cappietti, Lorenzo
2017Compensating of added mass terms in dynamically positioned surface vehicles: A continuous robust control approachBıdıklı, Barış; Tatlıcıoğlu, Enver ; Zergeroğlu, Erkan
Dec-2018Effect of the armor crest freeboard relative to the crown wall freeboard on wave overtopping for simple rubble mound slopesÖzbahçeci, Bergüzar ; Bilyay, Engin
2024Linear wave interaction by multiple vertical cylinders of non-circular smooth cross-section: An iterative-asymptotic approachDisibuyuk,N.B.; Yilmaz,O.
2021Periodic disturbance estimation based adaptive robust control of marine vehiclesKurtoğlu, Deniz; Bıdıklı, Barış; Tatlıcıoğlu, Enver ; Zergeroğlu, Erkan
1-Feb-2016Robust dynamic positioning of surface vessels via multiple unidirectional tugboatsBıdıklı, Barış; Tatlıcıoğlu, Enver ; Zergeroğlu, Erkan