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2010Changes in expression profiles of apoptosis, invasion, metastasis, angiogenesis, transcription factors, cell cycle control and tumour supressor genes in nilotinib treated chronic myeloid leukemia cellsBaran, Yusuf ; Camgöz, Aylin; Can, Geylani
2010Cytotoxic effects of resveratrol on imatinib sensitive and resistant K562 chronic myeloid leukemia cellsCan, Geylani; Baran, Yusuf 
2010Gene expression profiles in resveratrol-induced cell death in acute promyelocytic leukemia cellsÇakır, Zeynep; Can, Geylani; Saydam, Güray; Şahin, Fahri; Baran, Yusuf 
2010The roles of STAT transcription Factors in imatinib resistance and sensitivity in BCR/ABL positive chronic myeloid leukemia cellsBaran, Yusuf ; Kosova, Buket; Tezcanlı, Burçin; Ekiz, Hüseyin Atakan ; Çakır, Zeynep; Selvi, Nur
2010Therapeutic potential of targeting sphingolipid signaling pathways in various types of cancersBaran, Yusuf ; Başsoy, Esen Yonca; Çakır, Zeynep; Camgöz, Aylin; Gencer, Emel Başak; Kartal, Melis; Can, Geylani; Ekiz, Hüseyin Atakan ; Güçlüler, Gözde