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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019Carbon dioxide hydrogenation on alumina supported ruthenium catalystsHamza, Gökmen Oğuzcan
2020Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of latent heat storage in heat exchangers by using phase change materials (PCM)Demirkıran, İsmail Gürkan
Jul-2018Efficiency studies of Cu2ZnSnS2 thin film solar cellMeriç, Ece
Aug-2019An experimental investigation into the effects of high thermal mass on building performanceKarataş, Özgür
Mar-2019Frequency control in an isolated power system with high penetration of wind powerHassan, Ali
Jul-2018Investigation of the rotor speed impact on the efficiency of rotary heat recovery ventilation devicesDilşen, Mustafa
Nov-2019An investigation of transient water vapor migration in building external wallsTurgut, Çiğdem
Jul-2018Length scale parameterization and stability analyses with different statistical methods in wind measurementsTuna, Faruk
22-Dec-2018Natural groundwater recharge in the Alaşehir sub-basin (Gediz basin, Turkey)Tonkul, Serhat
Oct-2019Natural ventilation design for historic libraries with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulationGülhan, Özcan
Jul-2020Periodic disturbance estimation based robust control of marine vehiclesKurtoğlu, Deniz
Jul-2018Steady and unsteady aerodynamic analysis of the airfoil profiles by using vortex singularity elementsElmacı, Salim Cenk
Dec-2018Theoretical performance optimization of solar absorption chiller coupled to underground cooling towerOuedraogo, Kiswendsida Elias
Jul-2019Thermal comfort analysis of historical mosques, case study: The Ulu Mosque, Manisa, TurkeyDiler, Yusuf
Jul-2019Thermal performance of graphene coating on copperErsavaş, Gizem
2006UKA775 - Investigation of optimum parameters for biodiesel production technique using thf (tetrahydrofuran) as solvent agentÇağlar, Emre