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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Acoustic design based on multi-aspect performance analysisAtça, Emre
2009Advertising media and housing production: Gated communities of I·stanbul in the post-2000SKan Ülkü, Gözde
2012AEG and Peter Behrens: Symbolism in the first corporate identity designBoztepe, Uygar
2011Against style: Re-reading "new architecture" in early republican period in Turkey (1931-1940)Dündar, Bilgen
2002An analiytical approach to semi-private and semi-public spaces within the context of urban housing patternÖzgen, Elif Yeşim
Jan-2016Analysing visual pattern of skin temperature during submaximal and maximal exercisesBalcı, Görkem Aybars; Başaran, Tahsin ; Çolakoğlu, Muzaffer
Dec-2018Analysis of four urban squares in Izmir according to the leading urban design literatureCeyhan Abacı, Fatma
Dec-2019Analysis of the relationship between daylight illuminance and cognitive, affective and physiological changes in visual display terminal workersÖner, Merve; Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe ; Leccese, F.; Salvadori, G.
Jul-2018Analysis of urban coffeehouses in the context of public space theoriesCanaran, Deniz
Jun-2019Analysis of walkability measurement tools (WMTs)Paykoç, Eda
2000An analysis on the aqua-architecture and its internal dynamicsAy, Nevin
2003An analytical approach to the concept of 'Topography' in architectureMuyan, Cem
1999An analytical study of creativity in architectural design:case study of national architectural awardsKandilci, Ebru
2004An analytical study of the design potentials in kinetic architectureKorkmaz, Koray 
2011Analyzing the communication and coordination processes in Sabiha Gökçen International Airport's new terminal building wayfinding projectErbaşaranoğlu, Bengi
2002Annexes and extensions in historical buildings: An ideological perspectiveİlter, Buket
2020Applicability of a prismatic panel to optimize window size and depth of a south-facing room for a better daylight performanceKöşe, Büşra; Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe 
2020Application of climate-based daylight simulation to assess lighting conditions of space and artworks in historical buildings: the case study of cetacean gallery of the Monumental Charterhouse of CalciLeccese, F.; Salvadori, G.; Tambellini, G.; Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe 
2017Applying underfloor heating system for improvement of thermal comfort in historic mosques: The case study of Salepçioglu Mosque, Izmir, TurkeyBughrara, Khaled S. M.; Durmuş Arsan, Zeynep ; Gökçen Akkurt, Gülden 
May-2012An approach for developing sensitive design parameter guidelines to reduce the energy requirements of low-rise apartment buildingsYıldız, Yusuf; Korkmaz, Koray ; Göksal Özbalta, Türkan; Durmuş Arsan, Zeynep