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2014Exploring the effects of spatial and social segregation in university campuses, IZTECH as a case studyYaylalı Yıldız, Berna; Yamu, Claudia; Çil, Ela 
2013Faculty office buildings as work environments: Spatial configuration, social interaction, collaboration and sense of communityKılıç Çalğıcı, Pınar; Czerkauer-Yamu, Claudia; Çil, Ela 
2013Morphological analysis of the transformations of Konak Square in IzmirCan, Işın; Çil, Ela ; Yaylalı Yıldız, Berna; Kılıç Çalğıcı, Pınar; Velibeyoğlu, Koray 
2009Problematization of assessment in the architectural design education: First year as a case studyÇıkış, Şeniz ; Çil, Ela 
Apr-2020The spatial configuration and publicness of the university campus: interaction, discovery, and display on De Uithof in UtrechtYaylalı Yıldız, Berna; Spierings, Bas; Çil, Ela