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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Modeling the progressive axial crushing of foam-filled aluminum tubes using smooth particle hydrodynamics and coupled finite element model/smooth particle hydrodynamicsAktay, Levent; Johnson, Alastair F.; Toksoy, Ahmet Kaan; Kröplin, Bernd Helmut; Güden, Mustafa 
Feb-2011The optimisation of the energy absorption of partially Al foam-filled commercial 1050H14 and 6061T4 Al crash boxesToksoy, Ahmet Kaan; Güden, Mustafa 
2009Optimization of the axial crushing behavior of closed-cell aluminum foam filled welded 1050 al square-cross section crashboxesToksoy, Ahmet Kaan
Jul-2010Partial Al foam filling of commercial 1050H14 Al crash boxes: The effect of box column thickness and foam relative density on energy absorptionToksoy, Ahmet Kaan; Güden, Mustafa 
2006Predicting energy absorption in a foam-filled thin-walled aluminum tube based on experimentally determined strengthening coefficientKavi, Halit; Toksoy, Ahmet Kaan; Güden, Mustafa 
2003Quasi-static axial compression behavior of empty and polystyrene foam filled aluminum tubesToksoy, Ahmet Kaan
2006Quasi-static axial crushing of extruded polystyrene foam-filled thin-walled aluminum tubes: Experimental and numerical analysisAktay, Levent; Toksoy, Ahmet Kaan; Güden, Mustafa 
2003SiC-particulate aluminum composite foams produced by powder compacts: Foaming and compression behaviorElbir, Semih; Yılmaz, Selahattin ; Toksoy, Ahmet Kaan; Güden, Mustafa ; Hall, Ian W.
2005The strengthening effect of polystyrene foam filling in aluminum thin-walled cylindrical tubesToksoy, Ahmet Kaan; Güden, Mustafa