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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2015Defect reduction study of molecular beam epitaxially grown CdTe thin flims by ex-situ annealingBakali, Emine
Jun-2013Development of electrically conductive and anisotropic gel-coat systems using CNTsİnce Yardımcı, Atike; Tanoğlu, Metin ; Selamet, Yusuf
Aug-2018Effect of annealing on the density of defects in epitaxial CdTe (211)/GaAsBakali, Emine; Selamet, Yusuf; Tarhan, Enver 
2016Effect of aromatic SAMs molecules on graphene/silicon schottky diode performanceYağmurcukardeş, Nesli; Aydın, Hasan; Can, Mustafa; Yanılmaz, Alper; Mermer, Ömer; Okur, Salih; Selamet, Yusuf
2020Effect of CNT incorporation on PAN/PPy nanofibers synthesized by electrospinning methodİnce Yardımcı, Atike; Tanoğlu, Metin ; Yılmaz, Selahattin ; Selamet, Yusuf
Nov-2015The effects of catalyst pretreatment, growth atmosphere and temperature on carbon nanotube synthesis using Co-Mo/MgO catalystİnce Yardımcı, Atike; Yılmaz, Selahattin ; Selamet, Yusuf
Dec-2008Effects of li substitution in bi-2223 superconductorsBilgili, Özlem; Selamet, Yusuf; Kocabaş, Kemal
2012The effects of oxidizers on the diameters of the carbon naotubes grown by chemical vapor deposition methodBülbül, Gülay
Nov-2016Erratum to: MBE-grown CdTe layers on GaAs with in-assisted thermal deoxidationArı, Ozan; Bilgilisoy, Elif; Özçeri, Elif; Selamet, Yusuf
Jan-2018Experimental and computational investigation of graphene/SAMs/n-Si Schottky diodesAydın, Hasan; Bacaksız, Cihan; Yağmurcukardeş, Nesli; Karakaya, Caner; Mermer, Ömer; Can, Mustafa; Şenger, Ramazan Tuğrul; Şahin, Hasan ; Selamet, Yusuf
2009Grawth and electrical characterization of high purity carbon nanotubesKır, Serap
2010Growth and characterization of aluminum doped transparent and conductive zinc oxidethin flimsAtaç, Derya
2007Growth and characterization of carbon nanostructuresSelamet, Yusuf; Yüce, Görkem
2008Growth and characterization of carbon nanotubes by thernal chemical vapor deposition methodAksak, Meral
2010Growth and characterization of carbon nanotubes over Co-Mo/MgO catalystsİnce Yardımcı, Atike
Nov-2015Growth and characterization of CdTe absorbers on GaAs by MBE for high concentration PV solar cellsArı, Ozan; Polat, Mustafa; Karakaya, Merve; Selamet, Yusuf
2010High quality ITO thin films grown by dc and RF sputtering without oxygenTuna, Öcal; Selamet, Yusuf; Özyüzer, Gülnur Aygün; Özyüzer, Lütfi 
Aug-2018Identifying threading dislocations in CdTe films by reciprocal space mapping and defect decoration etchingPolat, Mustafa; Bilgilisoy, Elif; Arı, Ozan; Öztürk, Orhan ; Selamet, Yusuf
2016In situ production of cationic lipid coated magnetic nanoparticles in multiple emulsions for gene deliveryAkbaba, Hasan; Selamet, Yusuf; Kantarcı, A. Gülten
Oct-2015Influence of buffer layers on Ni thin film structure and graphene growth by CVDÖzçeri, Elif; Selamet, Yusuf