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2009Applications of transparent conductive indium tin oxide films in automotive and vitrifications industriesTuna, Öcal
Jul-2014Characterization of defect structure of epitaxial CdTe filmsÖzden, Selin
2014Characterization of GaAs (211) surface for epitaxial buffer growthPolat, Mustafa 
Jul-2015Characterization of lattice mismatch induced dislocations on epitaxial CdTe filmsBilgilisoy, Elif
2014Characterization of molecular beam epitaxially crown CdTe layers over GaAs by spectroscopic ellipsometryGünnar, Merve
Oct-2015Defect reduction study of molecular beam epitaxially grown CdTe thin flims by ex-situ annealingBakali, Emine
2012The effects of oxidizers on the diameters of the carbon naotubes grown by chemical vapor deposition methodBülbül, Gülay
2009Grawth and electrical characterization of high purity carbon nanotubesKır, Serap
2010Growth and characterization of aluminum doped transparent and conductive zinc oxidethin flimsAtaç, Derya
2008Growth and characterization of carbon nanotubes by thernal chemical vapor deposition methodAksak, Meral
2010Growth and characterization of carbon nanotubes over Co-Mo/MgO catalystsİnce Yardımcı, Atike
2013Influence of Ni thin flim structural properties over graphene growth by CVDÖzçeri, Elif
2015Magnetic characterization of expanded austenite phase formed on nitrogen ion implanted 316 stainless steel alloyKarataş, Özgün
2011Optimization of carbon nanotube properties by controlled amount oxidizersSöylev, Deniz