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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2009Close binary and other variable stars in the solar-age galactic open cluster M67Yakut, Kadri; Zima, W.; Kalomeni, Belinda; Van Winckel, H.; Wealkens, C.; De Cat, P.; Bauwens, E.; Vuckovic, M.; Saesen, S.; Le Guillou, L.; Parmaksızoğlu, M.; Uluç, K.; Khamitov, I.; Raskin, G.; Aerts, C.
Apr-2012Close binary system GO CygUlaş, Burak; Kalomeni, Belinda; Keskin, Varol; Köse, O.; Yakut, Kadri
Sep-2005Cyclotron emission from accretion plasma columns in magnetic cataclysmic variable starsKalomeni, Belinda; Pekünlü, Esat Rennan; Yakut, Kadri
2011Evolution of binaries towards HMXBs and LMXBsKalomeni, Belinda
Jul-2011Long-term monitoring of polarsKalomeni, Belinda
2010Magnetic cataclysmic variablesKalomeni, Belinda
Jan-2012Marginally low mass ratio close binary system V1191 CygUlaş, B.; Kalomeni, Belinda; Keskin, Varol; Köse, O.; Yakut, Kadri
2008Photometric multi-site campaign on massive B stars in the open cluster chi Persei (NGC 884)Saesen, S.; Pigulski, A.; Carrier, F.; De Ridder, J.; Aerts, C.; Handler, G.; Drummond, R.; Kalomeni, Belinda
2010Photometric multi-site campaign on the open cluster NGC 884: I. Detection of the variable starsSaesen, S.; Carrier, F.; Pigulski, A.; Aerts, C.; Handler, G.; Kalomeni, Belinda; Debosscher, J.
Jun-2012Possible disintegrating short-period super-mercury orbiting KIC 12557548Rappaport, S.; Levine, A.; Chiang, E.; El Mellah, I.; Jenkins, J.; Kalomeni, Belinda; Kite, E. S.; Kotson, M.; Nelson, L.; Rousseau-Nepton, L.; Tran, K.
May-2012Short and long time-scale variability in magnetic cataclysmic variables: Long-term monitoring of polarsKalomeni, Belinda
Jul-2011The short-period low-mass binary system CC Com revisitedKöse, O; Kalomeni, Belinda; Keskin, Varol; Ulaş, Burak; Yakut, Kadri
May-2013Triple-star candidates among the Kepler binariesRappaport, S.; Deck, K.; Levine, A.; Borkovits, T.; Carter, J.; El Mellah, I.; Sanchis-Ojeda, R.; Kalomeni, Belinda
2008Variation of the light and period of the magnetic cataclysmic variable AM HerKalomeni, Belinda; Yakut, Kadri