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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The densification and sintering behaviour of molten salt synthesized Ha whisker/Ha compositesBozkurt, Suat Bahar
2014Design and fabrication of microfluidic device that allows investigation of distance dependent interactions of two different cell typesSağlam, Murat
Aug-2017Design of polymeric antiscalants based on functional vinyl monomers for (Fe, Mg) silicatesTopçu, Gökhan; Çelik, Aslı; Baba, Alper ; Demir, Mustafa Muammer 
Oct-2017Determination of force-free wet adhesion of mussel-inspired polymers to spin labeled surfaceKırpat, İklima; Göksel, Yaman; Karakuş, Erman; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa ; Akdoğan, Yaşar 
2009Determination of material constitutive equation of a biomedical grade Ti6AI4V alloy for cross-wedge rollingKıranlı, Engin
Dec-2018Determination of the electrocalorinc properties of the ferroelectric (1-x)BaTiO3-Bi(Li1/3Ti2/3 (0?x?0.2) systemDemirtay, Tuğçe
Dec-2015Developing epitaxial graphene electrodes for silicon carbide based optoelectronic devicesKuşdemir, Erdi
Jul-2018Developing graphene-organic hybrid electrodes for silicon based Schottky devicesAydın, Hasan
2005Development and characterization of light-weight armor materialsÜnaler, Erol
2004Development and characterization of PMMA based porous materials used for high pressure casting of sanitaryware ceramicsErgün, Yelda
May-2015Development and characterization of tubular composite ceramic membranes using natural alumino-silicates for microfiltration applicationsGhouil, Boudjemaa; Harabi, Abdelhamid; Bouzerara, Ferhat; Boudaira, Boukhemis; Guechi, Abdelkrim; Demir, Mustafa Muammer ; Figoli, Alberto
Mar-2021Development of a new antiscalant for minimization of stibnite scaling in geothermal binary plantsKaraburun, Emre Mustafa
Sep-2018Development of an ionic liquid based method for the preparation of albumin nanoparticlesDemirkurt, Begüm; Akdoğan, Yaşar 
2008Development of carbon black-layered clay/epoxy nanocompositesPekşen Özer, Bahar Başak
Dec-2017Development of carbon nanotube embedded polyacrilonitrile/polypyrrole electrospun nanofibrous scaffoldsİnce Yardımcı, Atike
2004Development of dense ceramic tiles from mixtures of alumina powders with different PSDSütçü, Mücahit
2016Development of graphene nanoplatelets reinforced aluminium matrix nanocomposites by a combination of semi-solid stirring and ultrasonic treatmentKandemir, Sinan ; Aydoğan, Yücel
2006Development of layered silicate/epoxy nanocompositeKaya, Elçin Dilek
2012Development of lead foams for automobile batteriesSavacı, Umut
2011Development of liquid armor materials and rheological behavior of shear thickening fluids (STFs)Erdoğan, Taner