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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Adoption factors of electronic health record systemsSpatar, Daria; Kök, Orhun; Başoğlu, Ahmet Nuri ; Daim, Tuğrul U.
2011Analysis and re-design of an outdoor fitness equipment's mechanismKaya, Nazife Aslı
Dec-2015Analysis of deign-driven innovation practices in Turkish and Swedish furniture firmsAydın, Mahmut Ferit
2019Analysis of design-driven innovation practices in Turkish and Swedish furniture firms: An exploratory approachAydın, Mahmut Ferit; Erkarslan, Önder 
Dec-2015An analysis of gamers' satisfaction levels: The dualities of digital and non-digital gamesDanış, Semih
2005Analysis of graphical user interface design in the context of human-computer interaction (with a case study on oven control panel)İlhan, Özlem
2006An analysis of shoe within the context ofsocial history of fashionSancaktar, Aslı
2006An analytical surver on customization at modular systems in the context of industrial designTezcanlı, Eda
2000An analytical survey on the role of packaging in ındustrial designGöktepe, Yankı
2006Application of grounded theory for concept analysis in new product development processesŞen, Alper
2004Applying product design methods to medical device design with a case study on home care devicesÇetin, Aslı
2019An apprenticeship project: Silversmithing in Kapalicarsi (the Grand Bazaar)Tarcan, Berilsu; Cox, Ayça Tunç 
Oct-2019Assessment of inside ears (CIC) hearing aids device, major ıssues and solutionsKraiem, Mejdi
2006Assessment of lighting performance of PVC and PMMA materials in office spaces in terms of visual comfortÖztürk, Müge
Jul-2019Call center as an epitome of communicative capitalism: Participatory Design as an empowering toolKaya, Rabia Gülbike
2008Comparative analysis of master of industrial design education in Turkeyİmamoğulları, Beril
2005Comparative analysis of materials in recreational boat design: fiber reinforced plastic boat in serial productionGölpınar, Serden
2013Comparative analysis of recruitment qualifications of industrial designers in Turkey through undergraduate education programs and online recruitment resourcesErkarslan, Önder ; Kaya, Nazife Aslı; Dilek, Özgün
2002A comparative study on design of Turkish coffee brewing machines for self-service: "Telve", "Kahwe" And "Gondol"Başarır, Selen
2017A comparison of two innovation tools: Application on smart kitchen designTaşkın, Burcu; Başoğlu, Nuri ; Daim, Tuğrul