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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022On simple-injective modulesAlagöz, Yusuf ; Benli Göral, Sinem; Büyükaşık, Engin 
Jul-2021On the characterization of motor imagery functions based on systematic timing organization of the human brainOlcay, Bilal Orkan 
Jun-2021On the selection of material model for the 3d printed plasticsYorulmazlar, Berika
Oct-2021Open access and beyondGürdal, Gültekin 
Mar-2021Optical spectroscopy of single defects in hexagonal boron nitrideBirinci, Ayşenur 
Jul-2021Optimisation of organic phase pre-neutralisation stage in purification studies with solvent extraction for MHP (mixed hydroxide precipitate) produced from Gördes laterite ore and investigation of its effect on extractionKaya, Ezgi
Dec-2021Optimization of buckling behavior of hybrid composite beam under axial compressionAltıntaş, Hayri
Jan-2022Optimization of the algal species Chlorella miniata growth: Mathematical modelling and evaluation of temperature and light intensity effectsSözmen, Alper Baran ; Ata, Ayça; Övez, Bikem
Dec-2021Optimum design and analysis of torsion spring used in series elastic actuators for rehabilitation robotsErten, Hacer İrem
Jul-2021Organisation of design cooperatives as a part of co-production movementsKerimi, Ayşıl Sara
Jul-2020Organosolv treatment for prebiotic oligosaccharide production from agro-food wasteTemelli, Nuran
Nov-2021Outside the house but not in the city: Promenades in Istanbul as negotiated public spaces for women in 19th-century Ottoman novelsÇil, Ela ; Şenel Fidangenç, Ayşe Nur
2021Oxidizer gases effects on the diameter-controlled synthesis of carbon nanotubesİnce Yardımcı, Atike; Öğütlü, Ahmet Sabri; Öğütlü, Deniz 
15-Jan-2021Pandemi süreci ve açık bilimGürdal, Gültekin 
Jul-2022Partial austenitisation and TBF steel composed of ferrite, bainitic ferrite, and austeniteErişir, Ersoy; Bilir, Oğuz Gürkan; Sözer, Yunus Emre; Ararat, Özge; Davut, Kemal 
Mar-2021Participatory approach in urban design: Evaluating the process in the case of İzmirdenizArslan, Özlem
Mar-2022Participatory design process in post-disaster housing production: The case of October 30, 2020 İzmir EarthquakeÇelik, Saniye Dilara
Jun-2022Perfluoropentacene thin films on Au(1 1 1) surfaces: Effect of kinetic energy and vibrational propertiesYavuz, Adem; Danışman, M. Fatih
2022Performance analysis and feature selection for network-based intrusion detection with deep learningCaner, Serhat ; Erdoğmuş, Nesli ; Erten, Yusuf Murat 
Dec-2020Performance improvement of composite materials used as hydrogen storage tanks by microstructural modificationsAy, Zeynep