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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A call for benchmark data in mass spectrometry-based proteomicsAllmer, Jens
2013Can MiRBase provide positive data for machine learning for the detection of MiRNA hairpins?Demirci, Müşerref Duygu Saçar; Hamzeiy, Hamid; Allmer, Jens
Dec-2017Categorization of species based on their microRNAs employing sequence motifs, information-theoretic sequence feature extraction, and k-mersYousef, Malik; Nigatu, Dawit; Levy, Dalit; Allmer, Jens; Henkel, Werner
2015A cell division cycle 7-related protein kinase inhibitor suppresses glioblastoma cell growth in vitroErkan, E. P.; Dinç, Melike; Eren, E.; Allmer, Jens; Yalçın, Talat ; Genç, S.
2013Comparison of four Ab initio MicroRNA prediction toolsSaçar, Müşerref Duygu; Allmer, Jens
2014Computational and bioinformatics methods for microRNA gene predictionAllmer, Jens
Jun-2017Computational establishment of microRNA metabolic networksSaçar Demirci, Müşerref Duygu
2012Computational methods for ab initio detection of microRNAsAllmer, Jens; Yousef, Malik
2014Computational methods for microRNA target predictionHamzeiy, Hamid; Yousef, Malik; Allmer, Jens
2016Computational miRNomicsAllmer, Jens; Yousef, Malik
2017Computational miRNomics - Integrative ApproachesHofestaedt, Ralf; Schreiber, Falk; Sommer, Bjoern; Allmer, Jens
Oct-2014Computational prediction of MicroRNAs from toxoplasma gondii potentially regulating the hosts' gene expressionSaçar, Müşerref Duygu; Bağcı, Caner; Allmer, Jens
2013Data mining for microrna gene prediction: On the impact of class imbalance and feature number for microrna gene predictionSaçar, Müşerref Duygu; Allmer, Jens
2016Database normalization is crucial for reliable protein identification in mass spectrometry-based proteomicsHas, Canan; Mungan, Mehmet Direnç; Çiftçi, Cansu; Allmer, Jens
2017Delineating the impact of machine learning elements in pre-microRNA detectionSaçar Demirci, Müşerref Duygu; Allmer, Jens
Dec-2013Determining the C-terminal amino acid of a peptide from MS/MS dataAllmer, Jens
Jun-2013Development of EST-SSR markers for diversity and breeding studies in opium poppyŞelale, Hatice; Çelik, İbrahim; Gültekin, Visam; Allmer, Jens; Doğanlar, Sami ; Frary, Anne 
Feb-2017Development of genomic simple sequence repeat markers in faba bean by next-generation sequencingAbuzayed, Mazen A.; Göktay, Mehmet; Allmer, Jens; Doğanlar, Sami ; Frary, Anne 
Aug-2014Development of genomic simple sequence repeat markers in opium poppy by next-generation sequencingÇelik, İbrahim; Gültekin, Visam; Allmer, Jens; Doğanlar, Sami ; Frary, Anne 
2018Development of simple sequence repeat markers in hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) by next-generation sequencing and discrimination of Turkish hazelnut cultivarsÖzturk, Süleyman Can; Göktay, Mehmet; Allmer, Jens; Doğanlar, Sami ; Frary, Anne