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2018EDU-VOTING: An educational homomorphic e-voting systemTekin, Leyla; Özgür, Hüseyin Güven; Sayin, Burcu ; Karataş, Arzum ; Şenkula, Pelin; İrtem, Emre; Şahin, Serap 
Mar-2021Educational activities for the presentation of the values of cultural assets to childrenBaloğlu, Gupse 
2021Efect of process parameters and microparticle addition on polygalacturonase activity and fungal morphology of Aspergillus sojaeGermeç, Mustafa; Karahalil, Ercan; Yatmaz, Ercan; Tarı, Canan 
Jun-2021The effect of deformation rate on the damage tolerances of nomex honeycomb cored composite sandwichesÇelik, Muhammet
Dec-2021The effect of enzyme use on the formation of carbonyls and structural properties of cakesEr, Ayşe Ege 
Apr-2021Effect of fines content on CPT resistance in silty sandsArık, Mustafa Sezer 
Feb-2022Effect of Fomes fomentarius cultivation conditions on its adsorption performance for anionic and cationic dyesHenning, Laura M.; Simon, Ulla; Abdullayev, Amanmyrat; Schmidt, Bertram; Pohl, Carsten; Nunez Guitar, Tamara; Ahmetoğlu, Çekdar Vakıf ; Meyer, Vera; Bekheet, Maged F.; Gurlo, Aleksander
2023The effect of heat transfer characteristics of macromolecule fouling on heat exchanger surface: A dynamic simulation studyKarimi Shoar, Zahra; Pourpasha, Hadi; Zeinali Heris, Saeed; Mousavi, Seyed Borhan; Mohammadpourfard, Mousa 
Dec-2021Effect of ions on particle size and morphology in calcium carbonate (CaCO3) crystallizationOsman Adam Osman, Ahmed 
Dec-2021Effect of random structural variations on the optical properties of honeycomb photonic crystalsTunçtürk, Yiğit 
Aug-2022Effect of silicon nitride coating thickness on silicon wafer substrates for signal enhancement in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopic analysis of liquidsKaplan, Dilara; Yalçın, Şerife Hanım 
2023The effect of strain rate on the compression behavior of additively manufactured short carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide composites with different layer heights, infill patterns, and built anglesZeybek, Mehmet Kaan ; Güden, Mustafa ; Taşdemirci, Alper 
Dec-2021Effectiveness of retail lighting in terms of user satisfaction and light qualityKetencioğlu, Duhan
Oct-2021Effects of Centella asiatica saponins on telomerase activation and wound healingDemirbaş, Devran 
Dec-2021Effects of channel errors on coded speech communication in software defined radioKagudde, Abbas
Jun-2021The effects of lighting conditions on visual comfort, satisfaction and motivation levels of architecture studentsDurgut, Merve 
Dec-2020The effects of navigation systems on traffic congestion using real-time data: Case of İzmirYang, Chaewon
2021Effects of seismic activity on groundwater level and geothermal systems in İzmir, Western Anatolia, Turkey: The case study from October 30, 2020 Samos earthquakeUzelli, Taygun ; Bilgiç, Esra ; Öztürk, Bahadır ; Baba, Alper ; Sözbilir, Hasan; Tatar, Orhan
Apr-2022Efficient privacy-preserving whole-genome variant queriesAkgün, Mete ; Pfeifer, Nico; Kohlbacher, Oliver
2021Electrical, photodiode, and DFT studies of newly synthesized pi-conjugated BODIPY dye-based Au/BOD-Dim/n-Si deviceŞahin, Muhammet Ferit; Taşcı, Enis; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa ; Gökçe, Halil; Tuğluoğlu, Nihat; Eymur, Serkan