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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2019Increasing solubility of metal silicates by mixed polymeric antiscalantsTopçu, Gökhan; Çelik, Aslı; Kandemir, Ali; Baba, Alper ; Şahin, Hasan ; Demir, Mustafa Muammer 
2018Investigation of lithium sorption efficiency using SWCNT functionalized electrospun fiber mats from the hypersaline geothermal brineÇelik, Aslı; Topçu, Gökhan; Işık, Tuğba; Baba, Alper ; Horzum, Nesrin; Demir, Mustafa Muammer 
Jul-2017Synthesis of artificial metal (Fe,Mg) silicate deposits under high pressure and temperature conditions and development of polymeric inhibitor for metal silicate scalingÇelik, Aslı
Feb-2017Use of electrospun fiber mats for the remediation of hypersaline geothermal brineÇelik, Aslı; Koç, Gonca; Erdoğan, Emre; Shahwan, Talal; Baba, Alper ; Demir, Mustafa Muammer