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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Magnetic force-based micro fluidic techniques for cellular and tissue bioengineeringYaman, Sena ; Anıl İnevi, Müge ; Özçivici, Engin ; Tekin, Hüseyin Cumhur 
2019Magnetic levitation-based protein detection using lensless digital inline holographic microscopyYaman, Sena ; Delikoyun, Kerem ; Tekin, Hüseyin Cumhur 
2020Magnetic susceptibility-based protein detection using magnetic levitationYaman, Sena ; Tekin, Hüseyin Cumhur 
22-Apr-2016Synthesis of adsorbents with dendronic structures for protein hydrophobic interaction chromatographyMata-Gomez, Marco A.; Yaman, Sena ; Valencia-Gallegos, Jesus A.; Tarı, Canan ; Rito-Palomares, Marco; Gonzalez-Valdez, Jose