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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2014Techno-economic evaluation of a ventilation system assisted with exhaust air heat recovery, electrical heater and solar energyÖzyoğurtçu, Gamze; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Özerdem, Barış 
2013Thermal dispersion in porous media - A review on the experimental studies for packed bedsÖzgümüş, Türküler; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Özkol, Ünver ; Nakayama, Akira
Jun-2010The use of metal piece additives to enhance heat transfer rate through an unconsolidated adsorbent bedDemir, Hasan ; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Ülkü, Semra 
2016Validation on of local thermal equilibrium and uniform pressure assumptions for an isobaric adsorption process in an adsorbent bedGediz İliş, Gamze; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Ülkü, Semra