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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2001Self-dual Chern-Simons solitons and quantum potentialPashaev, Oktay ; Lee, Jyh Hao
Jun-2001Self-dual vortices in Chern-Simons hydrodynamicsLee, Jyh Hao; Pashaev, Oktay 
Jan-2004Shock waves, chiral solitons and semiclassical limit of one-dimensional anyonsLee, Jyh Hao; Lin, Chi-Kun; Pashaev, Oktay 
Jul-2005Soliton resonances for the MKP-IILee, Jiunhung; Pashaev, Oktay 
14-Nov-2008Soliton resonances in a generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equationPashaev, Oktay ; Lee, Jyh Hao; Rogers, Colin
Feb-2001Soliton resonances, black holes and madelung fluidPashaev, Oktay ; Lee, Jyh Hao
Jul-2007Solitons of the resonant nonlinear Schrödinger equation with nontrivial boundary conditions: Hirota bilinear methodLee, Jyh Hao; Pashaev, Oktay 
2019Special functions with mod n symmetry and kaleidoscope of quantum coherent statesKoçak, Aygül; Pashaev, Oktay 
2014Two-circles theorem, q-periodic functions and entangled qubit statesPashaev, Oktay 
1-Jul-2015Variations on a theme of q-oscillatorPashaev, Oktay 
Oct-2005Vector shock soliton and the Hirota bilinear methodPashaev, Oktay ; Tanoğlu, Gamze 
Apr-2008Vortex images and q-elementary functionsPashaev, Oktay ; Yılmaz, Oğuz 
2012Vortex images, q-calculus and entangled coherent statesPashaev, Oktay