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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2021Organisation of design cooperatives as a part of co-production movementsKerimi, Ayşıl Sara
2012Organizing: spontaneously developed urban technology precinctsÇevikayak, Gülnur; Velibeyoğlu, Koray 
2018Place attachment in the urban design guides: Case of BucaBayram, Arzu
2017Place management of a creative city: The case of IzmirMengi, Onur; Durmaz Drinkwater, Sıdıka Bahar; Öner, Aslı Ceylan; Velibeyoğlu, Koray 
2008PrefaceYiğitcanlar, Tan; Velibeyoğlu, Koray ; Baum, Scott
2008Queensland's smart state initiative: A successful knowledge based urban development strategy?Yiğitcanlar, Tan; Velibeyoğlu, Koray 
Jul-2021Reading types of urban form as a tool for conservation development plansGüçer Payamcı, Evrim
2016Regional acupuncture for İzmir Peninsula: Creating capital web for creative eco-tourismVelibeyoğlu, Koray 
2021The rise and fall of the rural creative class: The case of Alaçatıİnce Keller, İrem; Velibeyoğlu, Koray 
2008Rising knowledge cities: The role of urban knowledge precinctsYiğitcanlar, Tan; Velibeyoğlu, Koray ; Martinez-Fernandez, Cristina
2008Spatial transformations in Istanbul CBD: The role of ICT?Geçer Sargın, Feral ; Avar, Adile ; Velibeyoğlu, Koray ; Saygın, Mustafa Ömür 
2019Sustainable management of rural-ecological commons: Recommendations on eDPSIR causal networksHazar, Dalya; Velibeyoğlu, Koray 
2019Teaching a regional landscape project studio in the interdisciplinary settingKaplan, Adnan; Velibeyoğlu, Koray 
2008Understanding the supply side: ICT experience of Marmara region, TurkeyVelibeyoğlu, Koray ; Yiğitcanlar, Tan
2005Urban information systems in Turkish local governmentsVelibeyoğlu, Koray 
Dec-2018Urban tomography and digital humanities in visual tradition of urban designYılmaz, Almira
1998Walkable streets (Evaluation of streets in the context of urban theory, life and form)Velibeyoğlu, Koray 
2013Wedding wear cluster in Izmir: How does the creative knowledge ecosystem self-operate?Mengi, Onur; Velibeyoğlu, Koray