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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2016Elucidation of molecular mechanisms conferring arsenic tolerance to yeast cellsIşık, Esin
2006Evidence for the presence of a second electron donor for the cytoplasmic thioredoxins in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiaeKoç, Ahmet ; Karakaya, Hüseyin Çağlar ; Ünlü, Ercan Selçuk
Feb-2011Genome-wide identification of genes that play a role in boron stress response in yeastUluışık, İrem; Kaya, Alaattin; Ünlü, Ercan Selçuk; Avşar, Kadir; Karakaya, Hüseyin Çağlar ; Yalçın, Talat ; Koç, Ahmet 
2009Identification and characaterization of nickel tolerance genes in Beta maritimaBozdağ, Gönensin Ozan
2007Identification and characterization of boron tolerant genes in Hordeum vulgare (Barley) by using mRNA differential display and RT-PCR techniquesAkıncı, Ersin
2011Identification and characterization of manganese tolerance genes in beta vulgaris subsp. MaritimaErbaşol, Işıl
Jul-2009Identification of a novel system for boron transport: Atr1 is a main boron exporter in yeastKaya, Alaattin; Karakaya, Hüseyin Çağlar ; Fomenko, Dmitri E.; Gladyshev, Vadim N.; Koç, Ahmet 
Jun-2022Identification of novel arsenic resistance genes in yeastIşık, Esin; Balkan, Çiğdem; Karl, Vivien; Karakaya, Hüseyin Çağlar ; Hua, Sansan; Rauch, Sebastien; Tamás, Markus J; Koç, Ahmet 
2012Identification of salt stress responsive protyeins in wild sugar beet (Beta maritima) using 2D-page with MALDI-TOF/TOF systemÇakıroğlu, Çiğdem
Jan-2018The importance of boron in biological systemsUluışık, İrem; Karakaya, Hüseyin Çağlar ; Koç, Ahmet 
Sep-2016Molecular and genetic investigation of aging: The role of mitochondrial metabolism genes on life span determinationKhandaker, Asfaqul Muid
2012Molecular cloning, overexpression and biochemical characterization of bacterial amylase for biotechnological processesBurhanoğlu, Tülin
2011Proteomic changes during boron tolerance in barley (Hordeum vulgare) and the role of vacuolar proton-translocating ATPase subunit EAtik, Ahmet Emin; Bozdağ, Gönensin Ozan; Akıncı, Ersin; Kaya, Alaattin; Koç, Ahmet ; Yalçın, Talat ; Karakaya, Hüseyin Çağlar 
May-2017Proteomic studies and its application to biological samples using mass spectrometryGüray, Melda Zeynep
Jun-2011Roles of ATR1 paralogs YMR279c and YOR378w in boron stress toleranceBozdağ, Gönensin Ozan; Uluışık, İrem; Gülcüler, Gülce Sıla; Karakaya, Hüseyin Çağlar ; Koç, Ahmet 
2020tRNA wobble base modifications and boric acid resistance in yeast: Boron-resistant deletion mutants induce the general amino acid control mechanism and activate boron effluxUluışık, İrem; Karakaya, Hüseyin Çağlar ; Koç, Ahmet