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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Characteristics of brick used as aggregate in historic brick-lime mortars and plastersBöke, Hasan ; Akkurt, Sedat ; İpekoğlu, Başak ; Uğurlu, Elif 
May-2008Characteristics of lime produced from limestone containing diatomsBöke, Hasan ; Çizer, Özlem; İpekoğlu, Başak ; Uğurlu Sağın, Elif ; Şerifaki, Kerem; Toprak, Gülcan
Apr-2009Characterization of materials used in the execution of historic oil paintings by XRD, SEM-EDS, TGA and LIBS analysisŞerifaki, Kerem; Böke, Hasan ; Yalçın, Şerife ; İpekoğlu, Başak 
Jun-2018Conservation and presentation of Greco-Roman temple remains in Western Anatolia: A critical assessment on selected examples through the concept of AnastelosisToköz, Özge Deniz
Jul-2016Conservation of Kuseyri Soap Factory as an industrial heritage in AntakyaCamuz, Derya
Dec-2019Conservation proposals for historic Mithatpaşa Military Hospital IzmirHayretdağ, Hülya
Apr-2019Conservation proposals for historical Özbek Bath, UrlaYağcı, Damla
2004Construction techniques and materials of the Ottoman period baths in Seferihisar-Urla RegionReyhan, Kader
Jun-2013Construction techniques of domes in some Ottoman bathsReyhan, Kader; İpekoğlu, Başak ; Böke, Hasan 
2007Critique of legislation by scientific-technical criteria: toward classification of cultural properties in TurkeyMarmasan, Önder
Dec-2015Evalation of conservation problems of Anaia Byzantine Church, Kadıkalesi, KuşadasıKanmaz, Mehmet Buğra
2014Evalatuan of conservation problems of the Lead Mosque in Scutari, AlbaniaLaçaj, Eltjona
2005Evaluation of alterations in Ottoman hans in tire for their restitutionÇulcu, Sevinç
2010Evaluation of architectural characteristics for conservation decisions of Degirmendagi, Izmir, TurkeyKaplan, Çağlayan Deniz; Mürtezaoğlu, Fulya; Akbulut, Özge; İpekoğlu, Başak 
2008Evaluation of conservation problems of Değirmendağı District in IzmirAkbulut, Özge
2005An evaluation of interventions in architectural conservation:new exterior additions to historic buildingsYüceer, Hülya 
2006Evaluation of interventions in Western Stoa of Agora in IzmirYaka, Necmiye Funda
Jun-2020Evaluation of window design and daylight performance of main room in Kula housesBattal, Cansu
2009Evalution of stone weathering of Aigai Bouleuterion after its excavationKaplan, Çağlayan Deniz
2021Execution technique and material characteristics of ceiling and wall paintings of an Ottoman period mansion in IzmirSerifaki, Kerem; Ipekoglu, Basak