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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A BODIPY/pyridine conjugate for reversible fluorescence detection of gold(III) ionsÜçüncü, Muhammed; Karakuş, Erman; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa 
Jul-2016Copper-catalyzed synthesis of benzo-bimane derivativesZeybek, Hüseyin
Jun-2018Design and synthesis of BODIPY based phosgene sensorSayar, Melike
May-2016Design and synthesis of boron-dipyrromethene (BODIPY) based fluorescent and colorimetric sensors for the detection of gold and mercury ionsÜçüncü, Muhammed
Jun-2015The design and synthesis of fluorescent chemosensors for the detection of gold and mercury metal speciesCantürk, Ceren
Dec-2018Design and synthesis of phosphine based fluorescent probes for reactive oxygen speciesÜçüncü, Canan
Jul-2017Design and synthesis of rhodamine based fluorescent and colorimetric sensors for the detection of gold ionsKarakuş, Erman
Jul-2019Desing and synthesis of BODIPY based photosensitizers for photodynamic therapyDartar, Suay
Jul-2016Desing and synthesis of fluorescein based gold ion sensorsÇetintaş, Ceyla
Dec-2018Desing and synthesis of fluorescent chemodosimeter for the analysis of the gold ionsÇevik Eren, Merve
Oct-2017Determination of force-free wet adhesion of mussel-inspired polymers to spin labeled surfaceKırpat, İklima; Göksel, Yaman; Karakuş, Erman; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa ; Akdoğan, Yaşar 
2021Electrical, photodiode, and DFT studies of newly synthesized pi-conjugated BODIPY dye-based Au/BOD-Dim/n-Si deviceSahin, Muhammet Ferit; Tasci, Enis; Emrullahoglu, Mustafa ; Gokce, Halil; Tugluoglu, Nihat; Eymur, Serkan
5-Jan-2016Electrophilic cyanate as a recognition motif for reactive sulfur species: Selective fluorescence detection of H2SKarakuş, Erman; Üçüncü, Muhammed; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa 
2016EPR studies of intermolecular interactions and competitive binding of drugs in a drug-BSA binding modelAkdoğan, Yaşar ; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa ; Tatlıdil, Diğdem; Üçüncü, Muhammed; Çakan Akdoğan, Gülçin
2019Fluorescein propiolate: a propiolate- decorated fluorescent probe with remarkable selectivity towards cysteineKarakuş, Erman; Sayar, Melike; Dartar, Suay; Kaya, Beraat Umur; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa 
29-Oct-2016A fluorescein-based chemodosimeter for selective gold(III) ion monitoring in aqueous media and living systemsÇetintaş, Ceyla; Karakuş, Erman; Üçüncü, Muhammed; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa 
Nov-2010Gold(i)/Zn(ii) catalyzed tandem hydroamination/annulation reaction of 4-yne-nitrilesDemir, Ayhan S.; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa ; Buran, Kerem
7-Oct-2015A guanidinium modified rhodamine-based fluorescent probe for in vitro/vivo imaging of gold ionsKarakuş, Erman; Çakan Akdoğan, Gülçin; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa 
May-2015Hydrothermal treatment of biomass in hot-pressurized waterDadenov, Saken
2021Investigation of electrical and photovoltaic properties of Au/n-Si Schottky diode with BOD-Z-EN interlayerTezcan, Ali Osman; Eymur, Serkan; Tasci, Enis; Emrullahoglu, Mustafa ; Tugluoglu, Nihat