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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Forensic analysis of persistent data storages analyzing NTFS formatted drivesÖzgür, Hüseyin Güven; Şahin, Serap 
2017Implementation and evaluation of improved secure index scheme using standard and counting bloom filtersTekin, Leyla; Şahin, Serap 
2019IoT - Smart contract rule based secure communication scheme for healthcare systemKul, Aslı; Azin, Eda Nur; Özdemir, Oğulcan; Şahin, Serap 
2017A novel approach to information spreading models for social networksSayın, Burcu ; Şahin, Serap 
2022A novel efficient method for tracking evolution of communities in dynamic networksKarataş, Arzum ; Şahin, Serap 
2013On current trends in security and privacy of cloud computingŞahin, Serap 
2008The performance results of ECDSA implementation on different coordinate systemsAtay, Serap 
2019Privacy issues in post dissemination on FacebookSayın, Burcu ; Şahin, Serap ; Kogias, Dimitrios G.; Patrikakis, Charalampos Z.
2018Privacy issues on social networksŞahin, Serap 
2021A review on predicting evolution of communitiesKarataş, Arzum ; Şahin, Serap 
Oct-2017A review on social bot detection techniques and research directionsKarataş, Arzum ; Şahin, Serap 
2018Sosyal bot algılama teknikleri ve araştırma yönleri üzerine bir incelemeKarataş, Arzum ; Şahin, Serap