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2020Adjuvant potency of Astragaloside VII embedded cholesterol nanoparticles for H3N2 influenza vaccineGenç, Rukan; Yakuboğulları, Nilgün ; Nalbantsoy, Ayşe; Coven, Fethiye; Bedir, Erdal 
2023Astragalus saponins, Astragaloside VII and newly synthesized derivatives, induce dendritic cell maturation and T cell activationYakuboğulları, Nilgün ; Çağır, Ali ; Bedir, Erdal ; Sağ, Duygu
2023Astragalus sp.Yakuboğulları, Nilgün ; Bedir, Erdal 
2019Development of adjuvant nanocarrier systems for seasonal influenza A (H3N2) vaccine based on Astragaloside VII and gum tragacanth (APS)Yakuboğulları, Nilgün ; Genç, Rukan; Coven, Fethiye; Nalbantsoy, Ayşe; Bedir, Erdal 
2021Evaluation of adjuvant activity of Astragaloside VII and its combination with different immunostimulating agents in Newcastle Disease vaccineYakuboğulları, Nilgün ; Çöven, Furkan Ozan; Cebi, Nusin; Çöven, Fethiye; Çöven, Nejdet; Genç, Rukan; Bedir, Erdal 
2021Immunomodulatory mechanisms of Astragalus saponinsYakuboğulları, Nilgün ; Çağır, Ali ; Bedir, Erdal ; Sağ, Duygu
Jul-2018Investigating immunomodulator mechanisms of Astragalus saponinsYakuboğulları, Nilgün ; Yakuboğulları, Nilgün 
2019Semi-synthetic studies on astragaloside VII and immunomodulatory activities of the derivativesYakuboğulları, Nilgün ; Sağ, Duygu; Çağır, Ali ; Bedir, Erdal