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2021Applications of class numbers and bernoulli numbers to harmonic type sumsGöral, Haydar ; Sertbaş, Doğa Can
2022Class number and the special values of L-functionsGöral, Haydar 
Oct-2021Dedekind harmonic numbersAltuntaş, Çağatay; Göral, Haydar 
Nov-2022The difference of hyperharmonic numbers via geometric and analytic methodsAltuntaş, Çağatay; Göral, Haydar ; Sertbaş, Doğa Can
2022The Green-Tao theorem and the infinitude of primes in domainsGöral, Haydar ; Özcan, Hikmet Burak; Sertbaş, Doğa Can
2023Irreducibility and primality in differentiability classesBatal, Ahmet ; Eyidoğan, S.; Göral, Haydar 
Jul-2022Lehmer’s conjecture via model theoryGöral, Haydar 
2021A note on points on algebraic setsÇam Çelik, Şermin; Göral, Haydar 
2023On classification of sequences containing arbitrarily long arithmetic progressionsCam Çelik, Şermin; Eyidoğan, Sadık; Göral, Haydar ; Sertbaş, Doğa Can
2022Some remarks on harmonic type matricesGöral, Haydar