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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysis of multi story frames subjected to multiple support excitation by using displacement loadingHızal, Çağlayan; Turan, Gürsoy 
2006Construction and control of a desktop earthquake simulatorKınay, Gökçe
Jun-2018Distribution of strong earthquake input energy in tall buildings equipped with damped outriggersMorales-Beltran, Mauricio; Turan, Gürsoy ; Yıldırım, U.; Paul, Joop
2009Earthquake response control of a cable-stayed bridge by using mu-synthesisTuran, Gürsoy ; Voulgaris, Petros; Bergman, Lawrence A.
2008Earthquake response of R/C frames with reinforced infill wallsYıldırım, Umut
Oct-2018Effect of seismic wave velocity on the dynamic response of multi-story structures on elastic foundationHızal, Çağlayan; Turan, Gürsoy 
Jan-2019Energy dissipation and performance assessment of double damped outriggers in tall buildings under strong earthquakesMorales-Beltran, Mauricio; Turan, Gürsoy ; Dursun, Onur; Nijsse, Rob
2014Hybrid control of a 3-d structure by using semi-active dampersTuran, Gürsoy 
Jun-2017Importance of static correction and damping in the analysis of a cable-stayed bridge subjected to displacement loadingHızal, Çağlayan; Turan, Gürsoy 
2009Investigation of the benefits of variable orifice dampers used in an earthquake excited three story structureGökdağ, Hakan
2009Kablolu bir köprünün deprem davranışının µ-sentezli aktif kontrolüTuran, Gürsoy ; Voulgaris, Petros; Bergman, Lawrence A.
Jul-2019Modal identification of structures by using Bayesian statisticsHızal, Çağlayan
Jul-2015Modal parameter identification of civil engineering structures by using an output-only system identification techniqueCeylan, Hasan
2019A mode shape assembly algorithm by using two stage bayesian fast fourier transform approachHızal, Çağlayan; Turan, Gürsoy ; Aktaş, Engin ; Ceylan, Hasan
Jul-2003Phase I benchmark control problem for seismic response of cable-stayed bridgesDyke, Shirley J.; Caicedo, Juan Martin; Turan, Gürsoy ; Bergman, Lawrence A.; Hague, Steven T.
Jul-2003Phase II benchmark control problem for seismic response of cable-stayed bridgesCaicedo, Juan Martin; Dyke, Shirley J.; Moon, Seokjun; Bergman, Lawrence A.; Turan, Gürsoy ; Hague, Steven T.
Aug-2020Pre-identification data merging for multiple setup measurements with roving referencesCeylan, Hasan; Turan, Gürsoy ; Hızal, Çağlayan
2008Preliminary design and analysis for immersed tube tunnel across the Izmir BayKartaltepe, Nisa
2004Response improvement by using active control of an earthquake excited buildingIşık, Onur
1-Aug-2015Structural health monitoring for bolt loosening via a non-invasive vibro-haptics human-machine cooperative interfacePekedis, Mahmut; Mascerañas, David; Turan, Gürsoy ; Ercan, Emre; Farrar, Charles R.; Yıldız, Hasan