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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2019A comparative study on the photocatalytic activity of dye-sensitized and non-sensitized graphene oxide-TİO2 composites under simulated and direct sunlightİlhan, Hatice
2019Contribution of O-2 plasma treatment and amine modified GOs on film properties of conductive PEDOT:PSS: Application in indium tin oxide free solution processed blue OLEDDiker, Halide; Yeşil, Fatih; Varlıklı, Canan 
Apr-2017Controlling the distribution of oxygen functionalities on GO and utilization of PEDOT:PSS-GO composite as hole injection layer of a solution processed blue OLEDDiker, Halide; Durmaz, Gamze Belkis; Bozkurt, Hakan; Yeşil, Fatih; Varlıklı, Canan 
Jul-2018Developing graphene-organic hybrid electrodes for silicon based Schottky devicesAydın, Hasan
Jun-2018Development of colloidal alloyed nanocrystals for quantum dot based device applicationsSevim Ünlütürk, Seçil
2020Dispersion stability of amine modified graphene oxides and their utilization in solution processed blue OLEDDiker, Halide; Bozkurt, Hakan; Varlıklı, Canan 
2020Enhanced capacitive behaviour of graphene based electrochemical double layer capacitors by etheric substitution on ionic liquidsSiyahjani, Shirin; Öner, Saliha; Diker, Halide; Gültekin, Burak; Varlıklı, Canan 
2020Enhancing the efficiency of mixed halide mesoporous perovskite solar cells by introducing amine modified graphene oxide buffer layerŞahin, Çiğdem; Diker, Halide; Sygkridou, Dimitra; Varlıklı, Canan ; Stathatos, Elias
2019Fabrication and characterization of a solution processed flexible thermal sensor by using chemically synthesized GO and rGOBozkurt, Hakan; Diker, Halide; Varlıklı Canan 
Jul-2019Fabrication of colloidal photonic crystals via Langmuir Blodgett technique and their integration of polymer matrixİnci, Ezgi
Jul-2012Highly efficient orange–red electroluminescence from a single layer MEH-PPV-POSS:CdS0.75Se0.25 hybrid PLEDSaygılı, Gamze; Ünal, Gülçin; Özçelik, Serdar ; Varlıklı, Canan 
Oct-2018Highly efficient supercapacitor using single-walled carbon nanotube electrodes and ionic liquid incorporated solid gel electrolyteSiyahjani, Shirin; Öner, Saliha; Singh, Pramod K.; Varlıklı, Canan 
2020Navigating CIE Space for Efficient TADF Downconversion WOLEDsAksoy, Erkan; Danos, Andrew; Varlıklı, Canan ; Monkman, Andrew P.
8-Oct-2013Optical and electrochemical properties of polyether derivatives of perylenediimides adsorbed on nanocrystalline metal oxide filmsKuş, Mahmut; Haklı, Özgül; Zafer, Ceylan; Varlıklı, Canan ; Demiç, Şerafettin; Özçelik, Serdar ; İçli, Sıddık
Feb-2018P3HT-graphene bilayer electrode for Schottky junction photodetectorsAydın, Hasan; Kalkan, Sırrı Batuhan; Varlıklı, Canan ; Çelebi, Cem 
Nov-2016Perspectives for solid biopolymer electrolytes in dye sensitized solar cell and battery applicationSingh, Rahul; Polu, Anji Reddy; Bhattacharya, B.; Rhee, Hee-Woo; Varlıklı, Canan ; Singh, Pramod K.
2019Perylene-embedded electrospun PS fibers for white light generationGüner, Tuğrul; Aksoy, Erkan; Demir, Mustafa Muammer ; Varlıklı, Canan 
2020Reducing the Efficiency Roll Off and Applied Potential-Induced Color Shifts in CdSe@ZnS/ZnS-Based Light-Emitting DiodesÖzgüler, Şahika; Diker, Halide; Ünlütürk, Seçil Sevim; Özçelik, Serdar ; Varlıklı, Canan 
2018Silicon-based emitter compoundÖner, Saliha; Öner, İlker; Varlıklı, Canan ; Jacob, Andreas; Seifermann, Stefan; Volz, Daniel
2019Soluble cytotoxic ruthenium(II) complexes with 2-hydrazinopyridineSoliman, A. A.; Attaby, F. A.; Alajrawy, O., I; Majeed, S. R.; Sahin, C.; Varlıklı, Canan