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    • Extra dimensions, dilaton and dark energy 

      Rador, Tonguç (Elsevier, 2011-09-01)
      In view of the recent observations showing that the universe is accelerating we discuss dilaton and radion stabilization from a phenomenological perspective using perfect fluid sources. One general conclusion we present ...
    • Merger dynamics in three-agent games 

      Rador, Tonguç; Derici, R. (Springer, 2011-09)
      We present the effect of mergers, a term which we use to mean a temporary alliance, in the dynamics of the three-agent model studied by Ben-Naim, Kahng and Kim and by Rador and Mungan. Mergers are possible in three-agent ...
    • Special relativity and Kepler's first law 

      Rador, Tonguç (IOP Publishing, 2011-09)
      Consider a two-body system consisting of a very massive sun and a planet in a circular orbit of radius R around it, as seen by an inertial observer S at rest with respect to the sun. Obviously this sun–planet system ...